Stay Bright Community Center Cleanup

Oasis Brands and NBC to Host Stay Bright Community Center Cleanup

Oasis Brands is thrilled to announce that its branded retail product line, Fiora®, has partnered with NBC in Los Angeles to host the Stay Bright Community Center Cleanup on Saturday, June 29, supporting the Salesian Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Volunteers at the event will work together – cleaning the gym, classrooms, garden and playground – in order to give the organization the ultimate makeover.

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Oasis Brands’ Supplier Makes Historic Sustainability Commitment

Oasis Brands’ Principal Supplier for Private Brand Base Paper Sourcing Makes Historic Sustainability Commitment

Today, Oasis Brands announced a major milestone for a key supplier of base paper for its private label tissue and towel business. After years of pressure from environmental NGOs, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the world’s third largest manufacturer of tissue, announced the immediately end the clearing of natural forest across its entire supply chain in Indonesia.

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Tissue and Towel Production

Oasis Brands Becomes 100 Percent Dedicated to the U.S. Retail Marketplace

Today Oasis Brands is announcing that effective immediately, Oasis Brands will be separating from Away-from-Home Sales and Marketing operations so as to be completely focused on products and services for the U.S. Retail market. All aspects of the Away-from-Home sales, marketing and customer service will be led by Solaris Paper USA.

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