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Oasis Brands Supports Retailer Partners with Latest Shopper Engagement Initiative

Oasis Brands, makers of Fiora® brand tissue and towels, continues to support retailer partners’ innovative traffic-driving shopper engagement programs with the latest campaign taking place at more than 80 Albertsons stores in July. Fiora is co-sponsoring Albertsons’ latest initiative, which promotes the retailer as a one-stop shop, with free in-store ice cream sundaes to connect shoppers with several national brands.

Participating Albertsons-Southwest locations in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada will offer this unique in-store sampling event in July. Shoppers can sample new ice cream flavors, specialty toppings, and frozen fruit bars, and Fiora Paper Towels, as well as pick up discount coupons on products to make shopping and saving even sweeter. Fiora continues to join other national brands as a preferred choice by shoppers, rivaling long-established brands to become the no. 1 or 2 tissue brand at most retailers who carry it.

“By working with retailers on unique programs that engage shoppers and promote retailers and their locations, Fiora is able to help remind shoppers of everything that’s great about their local grocery stores,” said Nathan Hanson, CEO of Oasis Brands. “We are a growing company, committed to helping our retail partners also engage shoppers and connect with their communities. This unique promotion helps share Fiora’s Stay Bright message while driving traffic at great retailers.”

Oasis Brands has sponsored or created and implemented similar promotional efforts for other retailers, including a Jingle Contest for Piggly Wiggly stores, joint charitable donation with Albertsons-West stores and live radio remote events for smaller retailers. Through these types of retailer-promotion programs, as well as a dedicated consumer base and engaged fans, Oasis Brands offer additional value for retailers carrying Fiora tissue and towel products.

“This unique opportunity creates additional reasons for shoppers to visit our stores, and see the value we offer on all their favorite items and brands, including Fiora,” said Albertsons Communications and Public Affairs Manager, Paul Bancroft-Turner. “Whether shoppers are rediscovering Albertsons or count on us for all their grocery needs, we always welcome the chance to drive awareness of all that Albertsons offers.

“We look for unique opportunities to promote our retailer partners beyond traditional advertising, for shoppers to truly engage and experience the products, while also supporting the Fiora brand within the store,” added Hanson.

Oasis Brands is committed to bringing consumers more competitive choices – with products that are right for their families, right for their budgets and right for the environment. By working with retail partners, and exceeding the expectations of an ever-changing consumer market with products that have strong value propositions, Fiora has become the fastest-growing tissue brand in the US.

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