Oasis Brands’ Supplier Makes Historic Sustainability Commitment

Oasis Brands’ Principal Supplier for Private Brand Base Paper Sourcing Makes Historic Sustainability Commitment

Today, Oasis Brands announced a major milestone for a key supplier of base paper for its private label tissue and towel business. After years of pressure from environmental NGOs, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP), the world’s third largest manufacturer of tissue, announced the immediately end the clearing of natural forest across its entire supply chain in Indonesia. The historic commitment is supported by some of the world’s largest and most influential NGOs, including The Forest Trust (TFT).

“Oasis Brands commends the commitment APP, our principle base paper supplier for our private label customers, has made to safeguard critical aspects of the precious rainforests, not only the natural forest located on APP-owned pulpwood concessions, but also on the concessions of its network of independent suppliers,” said Nathan Hanson, CEO of Oasis Brands who observed that every major player in the U.S. tissue business has undergone a period in which they were targeted by environmental activists pressing for stronger commitments to conservation.

“This is the first in what we expect to be a number of steps APP takes to demonstrate its intention to be a true global player in the pulp and paper industry,” continued Hanson. “We respect the role played by organizations such as Greenpeace, and we recognize that a historic commitment of this nature requires the engagement of key stakeholders including international NGOs.”

As outlined in APP’s Forest Conservation Policy unveiled today, this new policy includes:

  • The suspension of all natural forest clearance across APP’s entire supply chain, including independent suppliers
  • The protection of all natural forests, including those on peatland
  • Implementation of High Carbon Stock assessments
  • The adoption of international best practices for respecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities
  • Independent monitoring by NGOs

“The base paper sourced from APP for our Private Brand tissue and towels has always been made from rapidly renewable plantation fiber and not from natural rainforest fiber,” said Hanson. “Rapidly renewable fiber from certified sustainably managed plantations is a critical strategy to meeting the world’s growing demand for tissue products, and the announcement by APP provides even further assurance that we will continue to provide 100 percent sustainable products to our customers.”

APP is working alongside TFT and other internationally recognized environmental organizations to ensure that APP delivers on every aspect of this new policy. Oasis Brands said it will continue to urge APP and the industry to work towards long-term commitments of sustainably managed forest and plantation operations worldwide.

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