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Oasis Brands Partners with the International Aid to Bring Much Needed Paper Products to National Relief Charities

Over 27,000 rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, and 17,000 boxes of facial tissue  were donated today on behalf of Oasis Brands to the National Relief Charities (NRC), through a partnership with International Aid.

“This time of year, especially, your heart goes out to any family in need,” said Nathan Hanson, CEO of Oasis Brands.  International Aid had sent requests for help from its partners initially to aid victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  After an outpouring of support, International Aid and Oasis Brands agreed to instead use the donation to support those in need in the local communities in which we serve.

“It’s a long way to ship these products overseas, and we suggested that Oasis Brands’ generosity could be put to work closer to home,” say Ryan Okita, a representative of International Aid.   As a nonprofit relief agency, International Aid frequently receives requests for a variety of products from over 2,400 partners in over 170 countries.  Paper products used every day by families everywhere are a common request.

International Aid and non-profit organizations all over the country can spend up to thousands of dollars each year in an effort to provide enough paper products to families in need, but they still lack enough supply to meet demand.  Oasis Brands hopes to put a dent in that with its donation through International Aid.  Over 45,000 rolls and boxes of tissue and towels is being delivered to the NRC, an organization dedicated to quality of life for Native Americans on remote and poverty stricken reservations across the U.S.

“Paper products are in high demand across the world, even in our own backyard, so we’re grateful to be able to do a little bit to help those in need, and hope it spurs other to give back as well,”  said Hanson.  “Through donations like this one we aim to help make families stronger in the communities where we operate – one roll at a time.”

To date, International Aid has distributed more than $1 billion in healthcare and medical products around the world, including the U.S., serving the poorest of the poor. By partnering with International Aid to donate to the NRC, Oasis Brands will help support the organization’s mission to raise awareness about the growing need of assistance to those in need.

For more information on how to donate to International Aid or any of the organization in which it serves, like the NRC, please visit www.internationalaid.org or www.nrcrograms.org.

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