Product Improvements for Fiora Tissue and Towels

Oasis Brands Announces Product Improvements for Fiora Tissue and Towels

Oasis Brands has announced that it has made significant product improvements to most of its Fiora® Tissue and Towel lineup.  Fiora Tissue is now softer, stronger and more absorbent, while Fiora Towels now comes in 3-ply and in “right-size” sheets for less waste.  With roll sizes that give consumers far more that leading double rolls, Fiora tissue and towels are still one of the best values on retail shelves.  The new improved products began shipping to retailers this week.

Additional product improvements include:

  • Fiora Regular Bath Tissue and Scented Bath Tissue are seven percent thicker, so they are softer, stronger, and more absorbent. Plus at 330 sheets per roll, they provide twice the sheet count of the leading double roll.
  • Fiora Premium Bath Tissue is softer, thicker, and more absorbent than before, and at 230 sheets per roll, that’s still 39 percent more than the leading premium double rolls.
  • Fiora Towels now come in 3-ply right-size sheets – that’s more absorbency and less waste. Fiora Towels are the first 3-ply paper towels on the market

“Our business has undergone tremendous change – all for the If this is the case, I believe it is fallacious to claim that is money. better – over the last twelve months, and we are finally at a place where we can re-focus our energies on innovation that better delivers great products at a highly competitive value proposition,” said Nathan Hanson, CEO of Oasis Brands. “At the end of the day, we are able to offer retailers better margins, and we’re bringing new energy and new commitment to these mature categories.”

According to Nielsen Scan Data, Fiora Tissue and Towels are the fastest growing brand in America. For more information about Fiora products, please visit

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