Oasis Brands Achieves PEFC Certification

Oasis Brands, makers of Fiora® Brand Tissue and Towels, announced today it has achieved Chain-of-Custody certification by PEFC™, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, the world’s largest forest certification system and among the world’s strongest sustainability standards. Oasis Brands is currently the only US supplier of tissue and towels to feature PEFC certification across an entire line-up of finished goods from a single brand spanning key retail paper categories.

“Oasis Brands continues to meet its sustainability commitments while providing high-quality products and great value,” said Nathan Hanson, Oasis Brands Chief Executive Officer.  “We are now taking our support for sustainable forestry practices to the next level, with PEFC labels on pack, assuring retail customers and shoppers of our commitment to responsible sourcing.”

Fiora products featuring the PEFC certification label will start to arrive on store shelves in early July, and the entire product line will be fully transitioned before year-end.  PEFC-labeled finished goods in the toilet paper, paper towel, and facial tissue categories will also be available to Oasis Brands private brand customers as well, helping retailers demonstrate their commitment to responsible sourcing. “Working closely with our base paper suppliers and manufacturers, we continue to seek ways to improve the quality and value of the products we offer, while adhering to internationally recognized sustainability standards,” said Hanson.

Welcoming Oasis Brands’ certification, Ben Gunneberg, CEO of PEFC International said, “Safeguarding our forests is everyone’s business, and companies such as Oasis Brands are making the right choice by obtaining PEFC Chain of Custody certification. Equally important is that Oasis Brands is using the PEFC label to its products, thereby enabling consumers to also make the right choice when buying tissue and towel products.”

PEFC Chain-of-Custody certification is a process that tracks wood fiber through all stages of production, and requires annual audits by independent accredited third parties. Tracking fiber from the forest to the retailer, PEFC certification includes all stages of processing, transforming, manufacturing and distribution. All entities in the supply chain are independently audited and certified to operate in accordance with PEFC’s sustainability standards.

Oasis Brands is committed to bringing consumers more competitive choices – with products that are right for their families, right for their budgets and right for the environment. By continuing to meet the expectations of an ever-changing consumer market with products that have strong value propositions, Fiora has become the fastest growing tissue brand in the America.

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