We have created America’s fastest growing brand of tissue and towels by redefining how these products are made and sold.

Founded and led by U.S. tissue category veterans who are driven by entrepreneurial spirit.

Fiora Comfeez Private Label

Our Retail brands span multiple categories,
and are injecting energy and excitement back to the center of the store.

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Oasis Brands Supports Retailer Partners with Latest Shopper Engagement Initiative

Oasis Brands, makers of FIORA brand tissue and towels, continues to support retailer partners’ innovative traffic-driving shopper engagement programs with the latest campaign taking place at more than 80 Albertsons stores in July. FIORA is co-sponsoring Albertsons’ latest initiative, which promotes the retailer as a one-stop shop, with free in-store ice cream sundaes to connect shoppers with several national brands. READ MORE

July 15, 2014

Oasis Brands Launches Product Improvements with New FIORA® 350 Tissue

Oasis Brands announced today it is adding more sheets and more softness to its FIORA Bath Tissue rolls with 350 sheets per roll, on both FIORA Regular Bath Tissue and FIORA Scented Bath Tissue. By adding more sheets to each roll, FIORA standard rolls have more than twice as many sheets as most double rolls, delivering greater value for shoppers. READ MORE

July 7, 2014